KLS Memorial Hospital is the brainchild of Dr Amul K Sadiwala, who has gleaned over 30 years' experience running Dr. Sadiwala's Clinic and Nursing Home, to create a superior medical service with the latest updated technology & patient care facility.

One of the aims of this modernized health care facility is to bring in state-of-art equipment and the latest medical gadgetry for excelling in the art of surgery thus enhancing patient care.

But the larger goal is to create a model of personalized and warm medical care to all patients, with 'empathy' being the key word, to be nurtured and inculcated in the staff and the doctors.


KLS Memorial Hospital is a centrally air-conditioned, 8-storey multispecialty facility. It offers patients state-of-the-art medical care delivered through efficient & empathetic personnel, aided by cutting-edge technology.
We have an internal Pneumatic Chute Delivery System, to aid in transport of materials within the premise in a quick & energy-efficient manner.
The Hospital generates its own Medical Grade Oxygen for patient use, & has central connections for Vacuum, Oxygen, Nitrous & Carbon Dioxide delivery.
We have installed Solar Power and Rainwater Harvesting facility adhering to the “green building” concept.